I am Yari, founder of Bohemian Hive. I am so excited to share my passion with all of you. Thank you for joining me on this journey from the very beginning.

Bohemian Hive was ignited by my desire to design my own clothing brand. I craved for something original and I dreamed of the day I could see it come to life here in the heart of Miami. Along the way it has turned into what I like to refer to as a hive, my hive. It’s a feeling. It’s a vibe and I want to spread it to all those around me.

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with local artists to create unique, one of a kind, textiles for BH and in return have been able to support them in their own beautiful journey, skill, and craft. I firmly believe you get what you put out into the world and that energy is everything. It wasn’t until I really put this into practice that I saw Bohemian Hive flourish into everything I had always envisioned it to be. My mission and inspiration for Bohemian Hive is to create, repurpose and revive. To show all different types of beautiful & to see old things come to life again. It’s a beautiful, yet chaotic cycle. Always moving, quite like life itself & LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve set out to curate an effortless collection of silhouettes that celebrate women and the feminine figure by mixing my affinity for vintage clothing and fabrics with a modern spin.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU guys for joining the hive!!